Clay McLaurin and Todd Piercy founded Clay McLaurin Studio on the belief that the environment you live in should be a reflection of your own life and experiences.  Their personal discoveries and explorations are brought to life in a collection of textiles and wall coverings for the home.

 The studio’s mission is to create useful, timeless design through the artistic process, by forming simple, bold compositions with collaborative patterns and colors.  

 Clay, an artist, employs his skill by hand painting each design inspired by the natural world.  Both Clay and Todd enjoy traveling and making new discoveries. They love to immerse themselves in the culture of where they go. To them it’s important to talk with locals and craftsmen to get a true understanding of the place. The West Indies has recently been a point of inspiration. The idea of someone discovering these beautiful islands rich with tropical plants and shells, a relaxed utopian environment are hallmarks of Clay’s most recent collections.