Lost City is driven by the desire to create the most beautiful hand embroidered products in the world by employing artisans who would otherwise lose their livelihood. We believe that business and humanity can co-exist. The extinction of the rare skills possessed by families that still earn their living by working with the needle and thread will deprive us of a sophisticated art form that has existed for over five hundred years. Our primary goal is to evolve this art by nurturing its craftsmen and using conscientious business practices. It is no secret that technological progress often has a human cost. Modernisation has pulverised many genteel traditions and often entire civilisations have been sacrificed in the name of advancement. Cities once rich in art and culture have vanished. We are not reformists but we are passionately devoted to preserving some of the craftsmanship that enhances our lives and saving a bit of the magic that illuminates our cities. Our mission is to make hand embroidery a flourishing art again.